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Aesthetically Inspired and Long Lasting Soffit & Fascia

T. Simpson offers both vinyl and aluminum soffit to help complement the style of your home and match your needs.

What is Soffit & Fascia

The soffit and fascia play important roles in your complete roofing system. From ventilation to aesthetic appearance and support, soffit and fascia should not be forgotten.

The soffit is located under the fascia and covers the underside of your roof’s overhang – think of it like your roofs “ceiling”. It is typically the board you see most visibly from street level. Soffit is usually ventilated to allow for air flow under your roof in order to maintain circulation and avoid condensation or decay.

The Fascia is a long, straight board that runs along the bottom of your roof and covers its edges just under the lowest shingles. Its job is to provide support to your roof and carry your eavestrough and gutter systems.

On top of that, we are strategically placed to extend our industry-leading siding and eavestrough services to an enormous chunk of the York and Simcoe County regions, including Newmarket, Barrie, and Aurora. With products and services this good, we want to make them available to as many people as possible!



Vinyl soffit is available in a variety of colours and textures to help match and complement your home’s design. It is extremely low maintenance and allows for proper air circulation wherever necessary.

Designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, it is the perfect finishing touch to tie your home together.

Why Choose Vinyl Soffit?

  • Wide range of products to cover all applications; from Solid and Vented to Center Vented panels.
  • Smooth or woodgrain low-gloss finishing options.
  • Low maintenance (no re-painting required).
  • Outstanding element resistance.
  • Many different colour and texture options.
  • Durable and high performing – no peels, chips, blisters, or rotting.

Vinyl Soffit


Aluminum soffit is available in regular and heavy gauge for high performance, and creates a long-lasting, enduring finish to your home.

Our aluminum soffit has been the established standard within the industry and has a proven track record of sturdiness and aesthetic appeal.

Why Choose Aluminum Soffit?

  • Coated using a proprietary two-coat system and an advanced top coat.
  • Baked-on process for a fade-resistant, and highly durable finish.
  • Chrome-free.
  • No re-painting required.
  • Regular & heavy gauge options for increased durability and performance.
  • Many different colours and styles available.

Aluminum Soffit

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