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At their most basic level, the doors and windows of your home are designed to open and shut when needed, whether to let air in or accommodate traffic. However, continuous use and the passage of time naturally cause them to loosen slightly or develop gaps that allow outside air and noise to enter your living space. Considering the rising costs of energy, the reduced energy efficiency of your current windows and doors may be costing you more money to keep than it would cost to replace them. At T. Simpson Roofing, we’re masters at diagnosing the structural integrity of all openings in your home, and our two strategic locations in Barrie and Newmarket are staffed with licensed experts who can respond to your requests in a timely, professional, and honest manner, delivering work with unbeatable results


All window installation requests go through T. Simpson Roofing’s sister company, Simpson Windows & Doors. We use and recommend only top-quality products from VWD, one of the most trusted and respected window suppliers in Canada. VWD windows qualify for some of the most prestigious product certifications offered in North America and are regionally driven in order to provide the best performance possible to meet consumers’ needs. VWD windows are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations, adding beauty and elegance to your home, while restoring a high level of money-saving energy efficiency.


Cracked, broken, or improperly installed doors can allow outside air to infiltrate your home, resulting in uncomfortable drafts, as well as increased energy costs.

Window & Door Installations Done Right

Staying true to our commitment to offering top-quality work with lasting results and total customer satisfaction requires a strict adherence to industry-best practices, such as:

Pre-work Measurement Verification

In order for a job to start off on the right foot, and before any of the old hardware is removed, our expert will first verify the measurements of every opening to check for any errors made by the previous installer. This will enable him to make sure your new windows and doors will be installed according to regulations and home specs.

Careful Removal of the Existing Window or Door

In order to avoid damaging the opening, our expert will be sure to remove old hardware very carefully. In the event that the old opening can be used as is, we don’t want to waste your time repairing an opening that we damaged, which is why we take the time to do the job the right way.

Inspection & Preparation of the Opening

The rough opening will be carefully inspected to ensure that the wall is in good condition. If we see any damage or anomalies, we will repair them before installation in order to avoid the reoccurrence of old problems in the future.


Before permanently securing your new window or door, it will be placed and temporarily set in its place, and then tested rigorously. It will only be permanently fixed after it passes our unique set of tests.


When our experts are satisfied with test results, they will begin permanently securing your window or door. This includes leaving sufficient room to sustain normal framework warping, as well as using quality shims (not leftover scraps of wood, as used by some other companies).


Once the door or window is secured, the area surrounding the installation will be thoroughly insulated using either fiberglass or foam insulation in order to ensure the highest level of air and water tightness.

Exterior & Interior

Our experts will draft-proof the exterior of your frame to make sure it is watertight, as well as finish your frame on the interior of your home according to your chosen specifications and materials.

Thorough Worksite

We’ll never leave your home looking like an industrial worksite. After every job, our experts dispose of all debris (including old windows and doors), leaving your home looking as though nothing happened.

Inspection & Approval of Installations

The final step of the installation process is inspecting the work with our customers. We want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the job we delivered, and would rather you let us know right away if you have any concerns.

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Simpson Windows & Doors offers installation and maintenance services for entry doors of all shapes and sizes. Our trained technicians will increase your home’s energy efficiency by replacing damaged or ill-fitting exterior doors and windows. Contact T. Simpson Roofing or Simpson Windows & Doors for more information or to schedule a free estimate.