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Roof Replacements in Markham

When it comes to choosing a roofing contractor in Markham, we know that the decision can be difficult. With our annually-trained staff, full-service team, and 24/7 emergency availability; we’re confident that T. Simpson Roofing is the best decision for your home.

We are one of the most trusted roofing companies servicing the Markham region, and we are equipped to address all types of residential roofing needs.

Why Choose Us?

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Not all roofing companies are created equal, and we’re proud that our years of experience, top-quality workmanship, honest customer service, and superior products have allowed us to deliver the highest standard of service.

We offer a number of different materials, designs, and styles for your roof to fit both your budget and your specific needs. We’re here to help, and to ultimately protect and improve your Markham home!


How Do I Know it is Time to Replace My Roof?

With over 25 years of operation in Markham, we have seen it all! From animal damage to extreme weather and structural aging – there are a number of reasons you should consider fully replacing your roof.

There are Curled, Buckled or Missing Shingles

Missing and/or distorted shingles are the easiest visual sign of a roofing problem. These areas quickly become susceptible to the outside elements and can be poorly impacted by wind, rain, and snow. Protect your home from the elements before your roof gives out.

The Roof is Leaking

This is one of the more obvious signs to watch out for. A helpful place to look when reviewing your current roofing situation is in the attic. Stains, streaks, water or light beams coming through the top of your roof may indicate a leaking roof issue which requires attention.

20+ Years Have Passed

A typical shingle roof is expected to last anywhere between 20 and 30 years. It is important to monitor how long it’s been between upgrades so that you can avoid any surprises and unnecessary repair costs.

Energy Bills Are Suspiciously High

As a Canadian Roofing Company, we understand that our energy bills can fluctuate from season to season. But, quickly rising bills are sometimes caused by poor ventilation and insulation within the home. Alongside other warning signs, if you are noticing that your energy bills are increasing, it might be a sign that your roof is under-performing.

Past Projects Completed in Markham

Markham Locations
Markham Locations
Markham Locations
Markham Locations

They Had the
Repair Done in No Time

"I am so impressed with the service I received. We had many shingles blown off in the 05/04/18 wind storm. The Simpson team showed up first thing 05/05/18. They had the repair done in no time. The colour match was impeccable! The lead hand showed close up images of their fine work. Mr. Simpson, you are a beacon to others in your profession. Thank you. We will not call anywhere else when time comes to replace our entire roof, Cheers!"
- Bob Davies

Really Impressed by the
Quality of our Roof

"Really impressed by the quality of our roof job. Crew was very efficient and courteous. Attention to detail and a thorough cleanup. Consultation was friendly and professional. Quote was no nonsense and accurate. Would highly recommend these guys."
- Katherine Tompkins

Quality Assurance & Warranties

GAF Certified

GAF Certified

Canada’s Largest GAF Master Elite™ Installer

Material Warranty

Material Warranty

50-Year, Non Prorated Warranty on Materials.

Labour Warranty

Labour Warranty

up to 25-Year Warranty on Labour

Looking for a Roof Replacement in Markham?

Secure your family with the peace of mind you deserve. T. Simpson Roofing has been operating in the Markham area for over 25 years and we’ve got you covered. Speak to one of our professionals today.

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We have payment plans that fit any budget which means there’s no better time to replace your roof than now! We look forward to hearing from you.

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