7 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for the Harsh Canadian Winter

As we conclude 2020 with the last few months of the year, many Canadian homeowners are slowly preparing their properties for the winter months ahead.

From packing up patio sets to clearing out quarantine gardens, there is certainly a lot to manage!

Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle can often cause homeowners to overlook the most important defense against the harsh Canadian winter – the quality and performance of their roof.

At T. Simpson Roofing Ltd., we highly encourage our clients to implement an annual fall maintenance routine to best protect their home and families during the cold and unpredictable months. 

To help you gain more confidence in the safety and reliability of your roof, the following article will identify 7 ways to prepare your roof for the harsh Canadian winter:

7 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for the Harsh Canadian Winter

With the promise of strong winds, heavy snow and hazardous ice just around the corner, it is easy to understand why a reliable roof might be important.

Protecting your home from the top down; any faulty or damaged roof components create a high risk for water leaks, deterioration and even a full structural collapse!

As the winter climate will make any emergency repairs or replacements much more difficult (and dangerous) to complete, it is important that Canadian homeowners add the following tasks to their fall preparations:

1. Prune and Remove Hazardous Branches:

While the trees on your property may be beautiful to look at, any overhanging branches can cause a great deal of risk during heavy snowstorms.

When snow and ice accumulate on weak or rotting branches, it is not uncommon for them to snap completely causing a great deal of damage on any surrounding properties – or even people!

In the case where more than 25% of the tree requires trimming, we highly recommend working with a professional arborist to remove the hazardous tree with an eco-friendly approach.

2. Clear Leaves and Debris from Gutters:

Although falling leaves are a sure sign of autumn, would you know if your gutters were clogged?

While it is very common for leaves and debris to accumulate on your roof and in your gutters, it is very important for homeowners to make time to clear them before the first snowfall.

Without a clear path to drain melted snow and ice, your home will be at a much higher risk of water leakage, water damage, mold and deterioration.

Located well-above ground level, we highly recommend working with a professional contractor who is experienced, insured and well-trained in ladder safety.

3. Examine Roof for Evidence of Animals, Birds or Pests:

As we prepare our homes for winter, it is important to keep an eye out for any unexpected guests that might be doing the same!

From squirrels and racoons to birds, bugs and mice – the warmth of your roof is a common hiding place for them to try and keep warm during the colder months.

Unfortunately, these nests and entry points can cause a great deal of damage to the safety, performance and overall lifespan of your roofing structure!

To safely remove any active animal activity from your home, we highly recommend working with an experienced pest control specialist.

4. Conduct a Thorough Roof-Inspection:

From flashing and valleys to gutters and sealant – there are a number of important structural components involved in residential roofing.

Unfortunately, not all of these components are easily visible to the untrained eye!

As one faulty component can cause a number of problems to the rest of the roofing structure, it is very important for homeowners to ensure that their entire roof is performing as safely and efficiently as it should be.

By conducting a professional roof inspection right before the winter season, you will be able to fix and/or replace any potential risks before they get worse.

5. Prioritize Replacements and/or Repairs:

As roof repairs and/or replacement projects can be much more challenging during the winter months, being on top of any potential risks can save you a great deal of time, stress and money.

While water damage is one of the biggest threats to the integrity of your roofing system, snow and ice can seep into your roof and cause more damage throughout the home if left unattended.

By conducting a thorough roof inspection during the fall, you will have the opportunity to prioritize any repairs before they become an emergency!

6. Inspect Attic Insulation & Ventilation:

Did you know that the insulation and ventilation in your attic can help you stay warm, save money on energy expenses and even help to protect your roof?

Without proper ventilation, moisture can often build up in your attic and result in a great deal of water damage, mold and repairs.

Without proper attic insulation, your roof may also be at a higher risk of melting ice and snow on the shingles, causing heavy ice dams.

When preparing your home for the winter, be sure to not only inspect the outer components of your roofing structure, but your attic as well!

7. Get a Head Start on Winter Decor:

If winter decor is a part of your annual tradition, why not get a head start? Once the snow and cold weather arrive, it may be too dangerous to use a ladder.

Instead, why not take advantage of your fall roofing routine to set up all of your christmas lights and holiday decor while you’re it!

Winterize Your Roof with Professional Roofing Services

At T. Simpson Roofing Ltd., we offer more than just roofing solutions – we offer peace of mind.

With the best manufacturers on the market, our products are designed to withstand extreme Canadian weather conditions with the performance to match!

From roof inspections and prevention planning to maintenance repairs and roof replacement projects, our GAF-certified specialists are committed to helping Canadians keep their homes safe and reliable – no matter the season.

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If you are ready to winterize your residential roof,  please call 1-800-925-3044 or click here for more information.  

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