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Importance of Proper Attic Insulation

As a house ages, many areas need to be regularly inspected to see if they require maintenance or updating. Attic insulation is something that is rarely checked or even considered on most maintenance schedules. We have heard many times that the attic has never been inspected.

Building codes have changed for attic insulation, so most houses require an update. An attic that does not have enough insulation allows heat inside the home to escape through it and into the attic. With heating costs so high, this heat loss is expensive.

Silent Dangers

Too much heat loss into the attic can also lead to greater problems, such as moisture in the attic that can damage the insulation and cause mould growth. It can also lead to increased ice formation on the roof edge which can lead to ice dams, a dangerous condition that could cause personal injury. We at T. Simpson Roofing are up-to-date on current building codes and know the amount of insulation your attic needs to maintain heat within your home and dry conditions in your attic. Call us now and we’ll help make your home warmer, more efficient and safer.


Attic insulation application