DIY Roof Replacement: The Top 8 Reasons It’s a DIY Don’t

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In this article, you will learn:

  1. The truth about DIY roof replacement costs
  2. The ramifications of attempting to repair or replace your roof on your own
  3. 8 reasons to choose a professional over DIY roof replacement

Replacing or repairing a roof is often an expensive endeavour—costing an average of $4,750 for a relatively standard asphalt-shingled roof.

Many people see that number, start to do some research, and assume it’s easy enough to nail some shingles on themselves. 

Despite all of the DIY roof replacement advice you can find on the Internet, it’s not a good idea to repair or replace your roof on your own. While you may be handy and up for the job, taking on the task can create far more trouble than it’s worth.

Keep reading for eight reasons you should hire a roof replacement professional.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of DIY roof replacement, and why it’s best left to the professionals.

1. You Won’t Save That Much Money 

While it can be expensive to replace your roof, doing it on your own can cost you more in the long run — especially in terms of time and resources.

When hiring a roofing professional, you’re paying for their expertise. They know what to look for as they assess your damaged or old roof. They can spot structural damage to your roof, which will head off bigger repairs down the road.

If you don’t have the correct training, you could miss a problem with the materials you’ve purchased, the condition of your roof, or the way you install a new one. These factors can all lead to costly damage in the future. If you’re not experienced, you could be out much more money than you would have to spend for a roof replacement by a professional. 

Plus, think about all of the time you’ll spend creating your project shopping list and learning how to install new shingles. That’s a lot of afternoons and weekends spent on a project when you could be doing other things for fun or around your home.

2. You Can Void the Shingle Manufacturer Warranty

While it depends on the manufacturer, many shingle manufactures will not honour their warranties if a certified installation company doesn’t install the shingles. 

If you attempt to repair your roof yourself, you’re automatically voiding the warranty on your new materials. Imagine that there’s an issue with your materials, or you accidentally damage them during install. You’ve spent a lot of money on products that you can’t return. 

Even if you complete the project perfectly, you are left vulnerable if there are issues with the roofing materials down the road. 

3. Working on Top of Your Home is Dangerous

Hundreds of people die or are seriously injured each year from working at heights—do-it-yourselfers and trained professionals alike. Yes, even those with the best safety equipment get injured on the job. 

Think about this: do you have the boots, helmets, pads, and other roofing equipment you need to keep yourself safe? Back injuries, twisted ankles, broken legs, and bruises are all common ailments encountered by DIY-ers. 

Other Hazards

When working on top of your home, it’s tough to spot soft spots in your roof. If you put a foot down in the wrong place, you might end up further damaging your roof or seriously injuring yourself.

Then you must consider stings from insects such as wasps and bees, which can be very dangerous if you’re allergic. If you come across a nest on your roof or in your chimney, you’re asking for a bad time. 

The weather is an additional element of danger. Brief summer rain showers (or morning dew) can leave your roof slick, which leads to dangerous slips and falls. If your home isn’t nestled into trees, gusts of wind can cause you to lose your balance. 

If you or someone else working with you is injured while repairing your roof, this will be reported to your home insurance provider. 

4. You May Lose Your Home Insurance

When it comes to things that protect your home, your roof may be number one, so its condition is a big part of determining your home insurance eligibility. 

If you repair or install your roof on your own and compromise the integrity of your property, your insurance provider can pull your policy and refuse future insurance. 

Once one company refuses to insure you, it can be hard to find another that will. 

Taking the risk and hoping your insurance company doesn’t find out is a gamble. If you ever have to file a claim, they will find out. Hire a professional roofer the first time around to keep your home adequately insured.

5. You’re Not Trained to Spot Red Flags

While you may be able to tell that your roof needs work, you might not notice other issues that a trained professional would recognize as dangerous or particularly time-consuming.

Rotten beams and sodden shingles aren’t as apparent as a leak, and these things leave you with damage that continually erodes your roof and home.

Destroyed beams, holes, and mould are risks to your family, and it takes more resources to repair them than paying to fix the initial problem correctly would have been.

6. You Don’t Have the Proper Materials

Contractors have access to the right roofing materials to get the job done. You may think it’s as easy as driving to your local hardware store and picking up standard supplies, but it’s not.

Professional materials are more durable and offer premium protection for your home. You can’t find these materials at any hardware store. 

Professional roofers have the experience and training to determine which materials will benefit your home when it comes to these crucial choices.

7. Your Roof Won’t Look Professionally Installed

Is it really that difficult to put shingles on a roof?


Replacing your roof or preparing shingles may seem easy, but it’s difficult to repair the damage without it seeming obvious. Installing a roof so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb takes skill and experience. 

Any visible defects in your roof will impact your home’s resale possibilities. A trained roofing professional knows how to install roofing so that it’s not only straight but attached correctly and looks aesthetically pleasing.

8. You May Do More Harm Than Good

When trying to perform your own roof repairs, you may make a bigger mess in the process. If you aren’t skilled at tasks such as nailing down shingles, you could create holes in your roof. These holes can take on water and cause significant damage. 

Roofers also know how to properly walk on roofs to distribute their weight. Haphazardly walking can cause cracking to other singles, leading to even more costly repairs. 

How a DIY Roof Repair Can Affect Your Home’s Value

If you’re considering selling your property, keep in mind that home buyers are wary of homes with old, dilapidated roofs. They’re not interested in buying a home only to fork out money for expensive roof replacement or repair.

A prospective buyer may be able to overlook overgrown landscaping, a leaky sink, or dirty carpet, but a bad roof is often a deal-killer. Knowing the expense and headache involved in roof repair—as well as the possibility of water damage—most buyers are willing to walk away from their dream home over roofing issues.

If a problem with your roof is identified in your home inspection report, the buyer may use the opportunity to negotiate the price.

Depending on the status of the market, you’ll likely have to account for the roof replacement either way. You’ll either need to reduce the price of your home to compensate for the cost of the replacement or replace the roof prior to the closing.

Whether you’re considering selling now, in a few years, or just want to improve the value of your home, repairing your roof this year will ready your home for the market. 

Choose a Professional Over DIY Roof Replacement

When completing DIY projects, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and take shortcuts. However, temporary solutions for roof repairs can be more costly down the road.

Placing a patch on an obvious problem will only delay the inevitable re-emergence of the original issue—that’s likely worse than it was before your project started. 

Delaying a roof repair could cost you an unimaginable amount in the long run. Hiring a certified roofing professional that can assess, repair, and prevent further damage to your roof will save you money—without risking the safety of your family.

For these reasons and more, always hire a professional like T Simpson Roofing for all of your roofing needs in the Greater Toronto Area. Contact us now for a quote on roof inspections, repairs, or replacements.

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