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When it comes to your roof, cutting corners to save a dime is rarely the best choice.
The money you save on a patch job will, more often than not, end up costing you much more in the long run. While there are some who suggest that laying new shingles over an existing roof is a less costly alternative to a complete tear-off and replacement, we do not agree. Laying new shingles over old and damaged ones will not only cause the new shingles to age prematurely, but will also add a great deal of excess weight to the roof, causing unnecessary additional wear and strain on your home’s supporting structure.

Benefits of Completely Replacing Your Old Roof

There are several key benefits associated with replacing your roof. Keep the following elements in mind when making this crucial decision.

Safety Above All Else

An existing roof that has deteriorated to the point that you’re considering replacement renders a home extremely unsafe. Your own safety, as well as that of your family, should come first. The few dollars saved by cutting corners will seem insignificant should a collapse occur and injure a member of the household. Replace your roof entirely and ensure this never happens.

Total Peace of Mind

In addition to the peace of mind associated with knowing your family is not at risk of injury due to a collapse, having your roof replaced allows you to feel confident that you won’t need to worry about repairs for an extended period of time. Patch jobs frequently leave us wondering when the next issue will spring up. A brand new roof effectively quells those concerns.

Improved Exterior Home Aesthetics

Damaged, stained, and uneven roofs make a home look terrible. If you feel your home could use a face-lift, chances are the random passers-by feel the same. Replacing your roof provides more than protection from the elements—it gives your home a fresh appearance, and increases its overall aesthetic.

Money Well Invested

Sure, you spent a pretty penny on your brand new roof. You did it to protect your home’s occupants from injury and the elements, as well as your home’s structure from decay. However, your new roof has a financial benefit, as well—it increases the value of your home exponentially. So, if you eventually decide to sell, your investment in the new roof will play a crucial role in your total return, allowing you to put a bigger down payment on your new home.

Energy Savings

While performing a patch job repair on your roof will save you a few dollars in the short term, you’ll likely be passing those hard-earned dollars to energy companies. Aged, damaged, and patched-up roofs lose a great deal of their original energy efficiency, compromising their ability to keep the home warm in winter and cool during summer months. This causes your heating and AC systems to work overtime in order to keep your home comfortable, and your energy bills to skyrocket.

Manufacturer & Labour Warranties

T. Simpson Roofing is Canada’s largest GAF Master Elite™ installer. Our roofs are backed by a 50-year, non-prorated warranty on materials, as well as an available 25-year warranty on labour. These top-rated products are available in a wide selection of designer styles and colours for you to choose from, and are priced at a fraction of the cost of most aluminum, clay, and cedar roofs, and they offer better warranties.

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With offices in Barrie and Newmarket, T. Simpson Roofing is best placed to dispatch our highly qualified and licensed roofers to your home in the shortest of delays. Providing you with honest and comprehensive quotes before starting any job is something that we pride ourselves on, and our commitment to total customer satisfaction is second to none. For more information on our roofing products and procedures, contact us today!

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“FYI--the guys who came to our house were amazing. They were courteous and professional. They also cleaned the area they worked in above and beyond what we expected--they cleaned up part of a mess that had everything to do with my husband and nothing to do with the roof! Haha! Seriously--we were very happy with their work and would (will!) happily have them back in the future. Thanks!”

We are very happy with our newly installed work. The organization and excellent handling of customer service was very clear and helpful in allaying some of our anxiety re scheduling. Thank you very much for being a company we can trust.”