What Makes Golden Pledge Warranty the Best on the Market?

Your roof will undergo years of wind, rain, and snow. The natural wear and tear will inevitably cause problems. However, despite damages, you don’t want to pay for more repair costs than necessary. Instead, you want your roof to be a one-time expense. That’s why we offer a Golden Pledge Warranty. This way you can rest at ease knowing you have a warranty that covers unforeseen complications.


When you buy a warranty, you want to feel assured that it covers all roof repairs. The Golden Pledge Warranty offers 100 percent coverage for 50 years on material defects. This means we will repair, re-cover and clean any damage resulting from manufacturer defects. In contrast, other coverage plans offer only 10 years of coverage.

If your roofing needs touch ups from a mistake during installation, we will cover it free of charge. Some other warranties limit your coverage to 10 years and fail to offer any workmanship coverage. With Golden Pledge, you get up to 25 years of workmanship coverage, which includes tear off and disposal.


With our Golden Pledge Warranty, you can replace GAF products without paying a dime for the next 50 years. The materials we cover include:

  •  GAF Cobra Attic Ventilation
  •  GAF Leak Barrier
  •  GAF Ridge Cap Shingles
  •  GAF Roof Deck Protection
  •  GAF Shingles
  •  GAF Starter Strip Shingles
  •  GAF-labelled Ultimate Pipe Flashing with EasySleeve (manufactured by Lifetime Tool & Building Products LLC)

The Golden Pledge Warranty covers years of damage to these materials from wind and rain. In fact, we even cover algae discolourations on StainGuard-labelled shingles for up to 15 years.


Imagine sitting in your home and a windstorm starts. In a matter of minutes, the wind picks up speed and hits 100 mph. After an hour of relentless winds, it stops. You go outside and see your roof is extremely damaged from the storm.

Without a warranty, you may worry about potential costs to repair the damages. On the other hand, if you have a warranty, you can feel secure knowing you have coverage for unforeseen damages.

Even if you don’t experience a windstorm, wear and tear on homes will happen naturally. The best way to prepare for these damages is to expect the unexpected. Golden Pledge Warranty provides reliable repairs so you can feel assured you have a sturdy roof over your head. Get warranty coverage to keep your family safe and protected.

T. Simpson

Originally founded by a 16-year-old Tony Simpson as a way of acquiring funds to help pay his way through university, T. Simpson Roofing, propelled by Tony’s strong work ethic and commitment to delivering quality work and unbeatable customer service, quickly grew into a thriving business.

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