Top 3 Alu-Rex Eavestrough Systems in 2021

In This Article, You Will Learn:
1. When is it Time to Replace Your Eavestroughs?
2. Top 3 Alu-Rex Eavestrough Systems in 2021

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Eavestroughs play an essential role in the safety, integrity and longevity of your home.

Commonly referred to as “rain gutters” or “roof gutters”, eavestroughs are responsible for collecting and redirecting melted snow, ice and/or rainwater to a safe, controlled distance from the property’s foundation.

Mounted to the outer perimeter of the roof, eavestroughs offer a direct channel for run-off water to flow from the roof’s surface, towards the downspouts and out to the nearest drainage system. Unfortunately, broken or ineffective rain gutters can cause a number of safety and structural problems if left undetected.

At T. Simpson Roofing Ltd., we pride ourselves on offering high-quality eavestrough solutions through our industry-leading Alu-Rex products.

To best protect your home and family, the following article will identify when it might be time for an eavestrough replacement and the top 3 Alu-Rex eavestrough systems for 2021.

When is it Time to Replace Your Eavestroughs?

While many Canadian homeowners have implemented personalized home maintenance routines, it’s not uncommon for eavestrough systems to go completely unnoticed.

With frequent wear-and-tear over a number of years, it is also not uncommon for these overlooked defense systems to reach their impending expiration date.

As deterioration can accumulate (in both size and impact), it’s important for homeowners to understand the red flags of a damaged eavestrough system, as well as when it might be time for a replacement:

1. Water Leaks or Overflow
From leaky cracks to overflowing gutter systems, any sign of water pouring or pooling around the perimeter of your home may be a clear indication that your eavestroughs are not performing as intended.

2. Cracks or Holes
Over time, stagnant water has the ability to corrode away at the metal used for your gutter systems. While minor damage can be patched up with caulking, an abundance of damage may call for an immediate replacement.

3. Mold, Mildew or Water Stains
While mold and mildew occur from sitting moisture, they can also be very damaging to your health through inhalation. If you notice any mold, mildew or water stains either inside or outside of your home, we highly recommend contacting a trusted professional to conduct a home inspection to isolate the source.

4. Yard or Basement Flooding
While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when dealing with a flood, these problems are very common with ineffective eavestrough systems. As the water cannot reach the drainage system, the water buildup may pool throughout the yard or seep into the basement living spaces through basement windows or cracks in the foundation.

5. Fading Paint
While not an immediate threat, fading paint may indicate that your eavestrough system is aging towards expiry. Rather than plan for a repaint renovation, it might be best to replace your gutter systems before any functional problems begin to develop.

As reliable eavestroughs support safer homes, we highly recommend that homeowners inspect their gutter systems twice a year (during their spring and fall home inspection routines) in an effort to monitor, repair and/or replace any property damage as needed.

Top 3 Alu-Rex Eavestrough Systems on the Market (2021)

Supporting your home with high-quality eavestrough products can offer a number of benefits to the protection of your home.

Through a combination of modern materials, design and installation processes; your residential eavestroughs have the ability to:

  • Maintain proper water drainage from your roofing system
  • Prevent water damage to the exterior and interior of your home
  • Minimize the risk of roof rot, mold or rust
  • Prevent water from flooding around your home, garden and basement living areas
  • Support the long-term efficiency of your roofing structures

At T. Simpson Roofing Ltd., we are proud to support our clients with the best eavestrough systems on the market through our Alu-Rex product line!

With nearly 20 years of business and over 250 million linear feet in international product sales, Alu-Rex eavestrough products provide the optimal balance of modern design, state-of-the-art technology and the long-term durability our clients can rely on.

When updating your eavestrough system in 2021, here are the top 3 Alu-Rex products to look out for:

1. Gutter Clean System®:
While clogged gutters are a common frustration for many Canadian homeowners, our Gutter Clean System® gutter guards offer an innovative solution to drainage and debris.

As gutters are often clogged by the buildup of leaves, ice and snow; any disruption to water run-off can present a number of safety and structural problems if the water overflows.

By topping your gutters with a weatherproof shield made of perforated aluminum, any snow, ice or debris will sit on top of this product until it is either blown away by the wind, or safely able to melt into your eavestrough system for drainage.

With a resistance to rust, cracking and warping, our Alu-Rex Gutter Clean Systems are designed to keep your gutters clog-free for the next 40 years.

2. DoublePro™ Eavestrough:

With the most advanced gutter filtration and support technology on the market today, DoublePro™ Microfiltration Continuous Hangers have been gaining popularity across many Canadian households.

With a unique design, this dual-action gutter protection system features two perforated layers of industrial-grade aluminum to prevent the build up of snow, ice or tiny debris from interrupting drainage and infiltrating the home.

This double membrane uses Eclipse Technology with offset holes to carefully filter any small leaves, debris or pine needles from blocking the flow of run-off water.

Using Vortex Technology, the inner membrane also creates a suction mechanism to draw water in through the wider holes on top.

As a global pioneer to this innovative style of gutter guard technology, the Alu-Rex Continuous Hanger System securely fastens to the gutter of your home, strengthening your eavestroughs from end-to-end.

3. T-Rex® Eavestrough:
One of the most popular gutter products in today’s market, T-Rex® eavestrough systems are a common choice for both commercial and residential properties.

Made from heavy-gauge aluminum, the T-Rex Continuous Hanger System provides ultra durability to support the weight of ice, snow and ladders without the risk of clogging, rusting or warping.

Using perforated aluminum and modern design technology, T-Rex eavestroughs support the rain gutters through each phase of our Canadian season; preventing the risk of clogs, rust or water damage from infiltrating your home.

With lifetime manufacturer and sturdiness warranties and a 40-year clog free warranty, T-Rex eavestrough products are designed to last with quality, safety and reliability in mind.

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If you are interested in learning more about which Alu-Rex eavestrough products are right for your home, click here or call 1-800-925-3044 for more information.  

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