8 Roof Inspection Tips for Buying a New Home

In this article, you will learn:
1. The Importance of Your Roofing Structure
2. 8 Roof Inspection Tips for Buying a New Home
3. Are Professional Roof Inspections Worth It?

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Buying a new home is a major life decision, and ensuring that your property is in great condition can save you thousands of dollars in preventable repairs!

As many Canadian home buyers inspect every small detail of a home’s interior before buying, it is not uncommon for major roofing problems to pass undetected.

While roofing deficiencies are the most common problems reported by local home inspectors, we at T. Simpson Roofing are committed to helping our clients make safer financial investments.

To help you get the most out of your future property, the following article will outline the importance of your roofing structure, 8 roof inspection tips for buying a new home, and how a professional roof inspection can best protect your family.

The Importance of Your Roofing Structure

When shopping for a new property, there are a number of things that must be inspected before making the decision to buy.

From flooring and appliances to plumbing and electrical wiring – it is not uncommon for older homes to conceal a number of hidden issues!

Your roof, however, is not a structure that you will want to miss as any existing damage could become extremely expensive to fix in the long run.

Without a reliable roof, your home is essentially unprotected from the outside elements, animals, birds; or even the risk of mold, rot and/or water damage.

As none of these issues are simple to fix, it is very important to ensure that your roofing structure is performing as it should before committing to property ownership.

8 Roof Inspection Tips for Buying a New Home

While not all roofing problems are visible to the untrained eye, you can start to get an idea about a home’s roofing condition from the moment you visit the property.

If you can already spot visible damage from ground level, you can guarantee the property will require some expensive repairs in the very near future!

Unless you are willing to invest in the necessary cost of a brand new roof replacement project, we highly recommend that you work with a professional home inspector to carefully identify any damage or safety concerns that might exist.

In today’s market, it is not very common for houses to have a brand new roof unless they have just been constructed; so if you are looking to purchase an existing property, here are 8 roof inspection tips to watch out for:

1. Age of Existing Roof:

With the average lifespan of 50 years, every roof will need to be replaced at some point down the road. When considering a property purchase, be sure to ask the current owners if they know how old the roof is!

The older the roof, the more likely it is that you will have to either repair or replace it entirely in the near future. For older homes, you may want to include the cost of a roof replacement into your overall property budget.

2. Damaged / Missing Shingles:

Damaged and/or missing shingles are the most visible indication that the property’s roof might be ready for some professional attention.

If caught early enough, you may be able to get away with some light repairs! However, if left unresolved for too long, there is a much higher risk of water seeping into the property, causing more internal damage in the long run.

3. Mold:

One of the most important things to look for when inspecting a residential roof is to ensure that it is free from any white, green or black variations of mold.

As mold is a fungus that forms in damp, poorly ventilated environments, it also creates a major health hazard that can contaminate it’s way further into the home’s ceiling, floors and walls.

4. Leaks / Water Damage:

A great way to check for leaks is to keep an eye out for any water stains in the attic or upstairs rooms.

While a professional roof inspector will carefully examine the inside and outside of your roofing structure, the risk of overlooking any leak points could cost you quite a bit in furniture replacements and repairs.

5. Ventilation:

While a property may appear to have a brand new roof, a proper ventilation system is what will ensure long-term performance.

Your ventilation system should allow both sunlight and air to filter through, reducing the risk of moisture buildup and mold. As there are a number of roof vents to choose from, feel free to ask your roof inspector to help identify what you are looking for!

6. Sagging:

A sagging roof is a clear indication that water damage has occurred in the past.

From a sunken roof to sagging interior ceilings, it will be very important to have a roofer look under the shingles to identify the problem. By having a clear understanding of what the repairs might look like, you will be able to determine if the home is worth the investment.

7. Drainage:

Be sure to inspect the drainage pipes that run along the roof, as this will be responsible for moving the heavy weight of rain, ice and/or snow off of your roofing structure. 

As climbing up onto the roof can be a dangerous task, we recommend hiring a professional roofer to carefully inspect the downspouts, gutters and drainage pipes for any blockages and/or debris.

8. Roofing Materials:

Roofs are commonly made from a variety of different materials; such as composite, metal, tin, rubber or asphalt shingles.

As some materials may have different maintenance requirements or even longer lifespans than others, it is helpful to confirm which materials were used to get a better idea of how long the existing roof might last.

Are Professional Roof Inspections Worth It?

A property’s roofing structure is the first line of defense for the quality and comfort of your home.

While a number of problems might be visible to the average homeowner, there are also a number of potential risks that can slip past the untrained eye!

By hiring a professional roof inspector, you can guarantee a full, comprehensive analysis of the property’s roofing health along with a project quote for any necessary damage, debris, mold or water damage repairs.

As a roof replacement can be a huge investment, we highly recommend getting a professional inspection to ensure that your property (and finances) are protected well into the future.

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