Replacing Your Roof

Replacing Your Roof? What to Expect During a Roof Replacement

In this article, you will learn:

1. What to expect your roofing company to handle
2. How to prepare for a professional roof replacement
3. What happens after
4. How to make installation easier on your loved ones

No matter how well you maintain your roof, it will eventually need to get replaced with new roofing materials. In fact, the average asphalt shingle roof lasts for about 20 years before the materials become vulnerable to leaks and damage.

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Roofing Maintenance and Inspection

Your Guide to Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Is there anything better than sitting in your home during a rainstorm or a snowstorm? You can watch the weather outside and feel the coziness of your warm, dry home protecting you.

Your roof plays a vital role in that warmth and dryness, and you can’t take it for granted. As durable as your roof may be, each one needs special care and roof maintenance. How do you know where to begin?

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Roof Replacement Quotes

A Guide to The Components of a Roof Replacement Quote

In this article, you will learn:
1. 4 Reasons why roofing estimates can differ between contractors
2. 9 Factors that affect roof replacement pricing
3. What to look for in a roof replacement company

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Maintaining a safe and reliable roof is essential to protecting your home.

With a variety of important features, your roof is responsible for sheltering your family from the elements, maintaining internal temperatures, and even regulating overall energy-efficiency!

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Roofing Services

Safely Continuing to Deliver Roofing Services Without Interruption

Many organizations, including T Simpson Roofing, have plans in place to enforce social distancing, while still maintaining business continuity. What this means for both our customers and for us is that we are continuing to provide roofing services and operate as close to normal as possible.

The good news is that we have many policies in place for our crews and operations staff that follow health and safety measures, including social distancing, which means we can continue providing services just as before.

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Roofing 101:10 Signs to Know When to Replace Roofing

In this article, you will learn:
1. How to determine when it’s time to replace your roof.
2. 10 signs of a compromised roof.
3. A summary outlining the importance of roof replacements.

What do people like to say when they want to indicate life’s going alright? They say they have food on the table and a roof over their head. Since we can all agree it’s an important element to “living the good life,” we should be diligent to take extra care of it. 

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Roofing Underlay

8 Important Benefits of Roofing Underlay

In this article, you will learn:
1. What is Roofing Underlay?
2. The 3 Main Types of Roofing Underlay
3. 8 Important Benefits of Roofing Underlay

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A strong and reliable roof is one of the most important features of your home.

As the primary defense against the outdoor elements, animals and pests – your roof is made up of a system of structures that work together in keeping your home comfortable, dry and secure.

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Winter Roofing Replacement: What You Need to Know

Depending on the type of roof you have, it may last anywhere from 20 to over 50 years. But on average, you should aim to replace it every 30 years or so.

Perhaps your roof is looking a bit worse for wear, and now that it’s wintertime, you may even notice leaking issues that need to be addressed. The cold weather might have you considering if fixing or replacing your roof is even possible or smart right now, but not to worry, we have the answers!

In this article, you’ll learn all about winter roofing, including the issues, how to alleviate them, and other things you should be aware of.

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What is The Purpose of Soffit and Fascia?

In this article, you will learn:
1. The anatomy of a roof
2. The purpose and benefits of soffit
3. The purpose and benefits of fascia

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Maintaining your property can require a great deal of research, planning and organization.

While many Canadian homeowners are familiar with the upkeep of their windows, siding and doors – it is not uncommon for the lesser-known structures to go completely unnoticed.

Your roof, for example, can be made up of a variety of different parts that each play an essential role!

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