Modernize Your Curb Appeal with Home Siding and Fascia Replacements

In This Article, You Will Learn:
1. What is Residential Siding and How Does it Benefit Your Home?
2. What is Fascia and Why is it Important?
3. Modernize Your Curb Appeal with Home Siding and Fascia Replacements

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Whether you are renovating your property or preparing to sell, modernizing your home can offer a number of profitable benefits to Canadian homeowners.

From curb appeal and energy-efficiency to longevity and increased resale value, there are many components in a home’s design that contribute to overall style and performance.

While shingles, windows and landscaping might be common spring renovation projects that come to mind, siding and fascia replacements offer exceptional benefits to the appearance, performance and efficiency of your home.

At T. Simpson Roofing Ltd., we pride ourselves on sharing industry tips and insights to best support the goals of our clients.

If you are planning to renovate your home this season, the following article will identify the purpose and importance of residential siding and fascia, and how upgrading your property with fresh, new replacements can elevate your curb appeal:

What is Residential Siding and How Does it Benefit Your Home?

The exterior of your home’s siding serves a multitude of important functions.

Available in a number of customizable colours, styles and materials, home siding plays an essential role in defending your home from the harsh seasonal elements.

Responsible for much more than just aesthetic appearance, residential siding acts as a protective barrier to prevent the risk of rain, snow and harsh winds from infiltrating (and potentially damaging) the architectural framework of your home.

As the internal beams and insulation are not moisture-resistant on their own, residential siding creates an impenetrable cover that protects your home from the most common threat: water damage. A reliable deterrent to moisture, dirt, and insect infestations; residential siding can also provide added insulation to help your home conserve heat and energy expenses during the colder winter months.

However, when deciding between siding materials it’s important to look at the full spectrum of pros and cons, as each material offers something different. For example:

Vinyl Siding:
Pros – versatile, low cost, low maintenance, resistant to rot
Cons – non-biodegradable, may crack under strong impact, plastic-like appearance

Wood Siding:
Pros – natural aesthetic, biodegradable, easy to install
Cons – expensive, requires ongoing maintenance, risk of termites and moisture damage

Aluminum Siding:
Pros – low cost, eco-friendly, low maintenance
Cons – prone to minor damage, sounds caused by temperature changes, style may be outdated

While residential siding is important to the health, safety and durability of our homes, it is also important to note that siding can only perform as well as it is installed.

As a poor or unprofessional siding installation can have negative effects on your property long-term, it is important for Canadian homeowners to work with a trusted contractor to ensure their home is always well-protected.

What is Fascia and Why is it Important?

The term “fascia” refers to the vertical board that runs along your roof’s overhang, giving it a  complete and “finished” appearance from ground level.

As a platform for the gutters to sit upon, the fascia is also known as a “transition trim” that exists between the home and the roofline, enforcing support to the shingles above.

With the ability to prevent moisture and pests from entering the roofing system, these architectural elements provide much more than exterior curb appeal with their protective safety features.

Often associated with soffit (the horizontal board that runs below the fascia), it is not uncommon for homeowners to overlook these roofing components until a problem arises.

As the soffit and fascia work collaboratively to protect and ventilate your roof, a damaged or inefficient fascia can often result in a number of significant problems if left unresolved.

To best protect your home, it is very important for homeowners to watch for any signs of damage or deterioration, including:

– Water Leaks
– Moisture Damage, Mold or Rotting Wood
– Peeling Paint or Discolouration
– Evidence of Pests or Small Animals infiltrating your home

While damaged soffits and fascias can severely impact the look, value and comfort of your home, we at T. Simpson highly recommends that homeowners take the time to inspect their properties twice a year (during the spring and fall) to account for any concerns.

Of course, replacement projects can only perform as well as they are installed – so be sure to work closely with a trusted roofing professional when considering your replacement options.

Modernize Your Curb Appeal with Home Siding and Fascia Replacements

While it is no secret that aesthetic improvements can boost the perceived value of your home, modernizing your property with reliable, energy-efficient upgrades will support your home with much more than just curb appeal.

As modern manufacturers are constantly evolving their selection of materials, styles and colours, there are a number of possibilities to suit the preferences of any style or budget!

By upgrading your curb appeal with residential siding or fascia replacements,  you can transition a small upfront investment into years of profitable savings, aesthetic pride and future resale value.

In the meantime, take a walk around your neighbourhood to make note of any colour palettes, styles or textures that inspire you!

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From customization and curb appeal to energy-efficiency and increased property value, our professionals at T. Simpson Roofing Ltd. are always ready to help.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of replacing your residential siding and fascia, click here or call 1-800-925-3044 for more information!

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