Ice Shields: Avoid Unnecessary Roof Repair Expenses

One of the most important functions of roofing systems is protection from the elements: from rain and flowing water, ice damage and other, related water problems.

When water seeps into your home, not only can it damage your furnishings and interiors, but it can lead to mould infestations and damage to the structural components of the home. These water or moisture damaged components will rot over time with extended exposure to the elements. To fully protect your home, one of the best products you can have is an ice or water shield to support your roofing system.

What Is An Ice Shield?

Ice shields are protective layers installed under standard roofing or shingles. These barriers help prevent water penetration, while increasing the seals around vents, skylights, and other features that create breaks in the roof. They are waterproof membranes that provide a secondary barrier against water and the elements.

Not only are these products cost-effective, but they pay for themselves by minimizing your need for roof repairs in the future. Among the benefits and features you’ll enjoy:

These products are easy to apply: The sheets are peel and stick products that can be quickly installed on and around problem areas.

They hold up against weather extremes: They maintain their adhesive qualities even in extreme hot and cold temperatures, meaning that your roof will be protected even in the coldest winters or hottest summers.

They help fix problem areas: Whether you are installing an entirely new roof or hiring a contractor for a roof repair project, these membranes will help seal problem areas. They will also cover nails and prevent water penetration around ceiling features that might otherwise be prone to leaks.

Talk to Your Roofer about Ice Shields

Getting up on your roof to complete a repair project can be dangerous, especially if you are not experienced. Projects involving your roof, when done improperly, can result in costly roof repairs. You can end up with contractor expenses to fix damage to interior structures and dry wall or to eliminate mould that establishes itself as a result of interior leaks. A professional roofer can quickly assess your roof, finding small problem areas that can be fixed before they require large sections of the roof, or even the entire roof to be replaced.

Whether you need to have your roof inspected or you have already identified a problem, you can call T. Simpson Roofing today, toll-free, at 800-925-3044. You can also request an online quote for your roof inspection. T. Simpson Roofing is also a premier siding contractor, and we are ready to assist with all of your vinyl siding needs.

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