Ice and Water Shields: The Secret to Stopping Roof Leaks and Saving You Money

Picture this: A relentless storm. Water pounding on your roof. That nagging worry – is there a leak? Don’t let costly roof damage spoil your peace of mind. Ice and water shields are the superhero your roof needs, acting as the ultimate winter weather defense.

What is an Ice and Water Shield?

These waterproof membranes are applied directly to your roof deck (the wooden base of your roof), creating an impenetrable barrier against harsh weather.expand_more Ice dams? Wind-driven rain? Leaky valleys? Ice and water shields stand guard, offering unparalleled protection for your home and wallet.

The Unseen Threat: Ice Dams and Water Damage

We may not have had any huge winter storms yet, but that doesn’t mean your roof is safe. Here’s why:

Ice Dams: Snow collects on your roof, melts, then refreezes as a ridge of ice that traps water underneath.expand_more This water seeps into cracks, causing leaks and expensive damage.

Wind-Driven Rain: Powerful storms can force rain sideways, slipping it right under your shingles.expand_more It then soaks into your roofing structure.

Hidden Damage: Over time, unchecked moisture leads to mold, rot, and weakened framing – ouch!

Why You Need an Ice and Water Shield

Think of it as an insurance policy for your roof.exclamation Here’s what you get:

Leak Prevention: Ice and water shields seal vulnerable areas like eaves, valleys, and around chimneys, where leaks are most likely to happen.expand_more

Money Saver: Avoid pricey repairs for water damage to your ceilings, walls, and insulation.

Peace of Mind: Relax knowing your home is protected, even during the worst weather.exclamation

Is an Ice and Water Shield Right for You?

If you live in an area with:

  • Heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures
  • Frequent severe storms and high winds
  • An older roof that may be more susceptible to damage

…then the answer is YES! Ice and water shields are your solution, but even homes in milder regions benefit from the added protection.

Why Choose T. Simpson Roofing?

Installing an ice and water shield isn’t a DIY job. Trust the experts at T. Simpson Roofing. Here’s why:

Expert Knowledge: We understand the latest roof protection technologies and know the best strategies for your home.

Experience Matters: We’ve successfully installed countless ice and water shields, ensuring flawless leak prevention.

Customer Focus: We educate you throughout the process, giving you the confidence that your home is secure.

Don’t wait until a winter storm strikes! Secure your home against leaks and costly repairs. Call us at 800-925-3044 or request a quote online.

T. Simpson

Originally founded by a 16-year-old Tony Simpson as a way of acquiring funds to help pay his way through university, T. Simpson Roofing, propelled by Tony’s strong work ethic and commitment to delivering quality work and unbeatable customer service, quickly grew into a thriving business.

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