How to Properly Inspect Your Roof

Whether you are doing your annual inspection or a post-storm look over, it is important that you know how to properly inspect your home’s rooftop.

Your home’s roof is an integral component contributing to its overall safety; from keeping out the elements to protecting against water damage. So, if you notice any signs of damage, contact a professional for roof repair right away in order for your roof to keep up with its job.

Tips for DIY Roof Inspections

If you are afraid of heights or your rooftop has harsh or unusual slopes, you should contact a professional instead of inspecting it yourself. A few things you will want to check on include:

Cleanliness – Your roof does not have to be spot-free like the interior of your home, but it should still be free of debris, excess dirt or other items that can block proper water runoff. Take a look at the valleys, gutters and other coves on your roof and clean out any debris you see.

Damage – Keep an eye out for missing, torn or worn shingles from nearby trees, recent storms, etc. If you see holes or punctures in your shingles, they must be replaced right away. Also, any signs of curling or buckling could be an indication that your roof is in need of replacement.

Nail Pops – Nails should never protrude from the roof. Instead, they must be flush with underlying shingles. If they are not appearing this way, you may need to replace or reset them.

Ponding – if your home as a low sloped roof, check to see whether you notice any sags? Are there any signs of ponding, cracking, buckling or other imperfections in the roofing material? If so, it is time for roof repair.

Flashing – Look at the flashing around projections coming up from your roof (i.e. chimney). The flashing should be intact and firm against the rooftop. If not, it could be allowing water to enter your home. The problem is, you may not notice this water penetration until it progresses a fair bit and costs you a significant amount in repair expenses.

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