FAQ Soffit and Fascia

Frequently Asked Questions About Soffit and Fascia

While soffit and fascia are key components to a safe and reliable roof, they are certainly not the most well-known!

In fact, many Canadian homeowners are unfamiliar with these terms until a problem and/or replacement is needed; often caused by water leaks, moisture damage, pests and/or rotting wood.

As these structures play a critical role in the ventilation and efficiency of your home, we highly recommend that homeowners take the time to familiarize themselves with the functions and importance of each roofing structure to ensure that their home is always well-protected.

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What is The Purpose of Soffit and Fascia?

In this article, you will learn:
1. The anatomy of a roof
2. The purpose and benefits of soffit
3. The purpose and benefits of fascia

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Maintaining your property can require a great deal of research, planning and organization.

While many Canadian homeowners are familiar with the upkeep of their windows, siding and doors – it is not uncommon for the lesser-known structures to go completely unnoticed.

Your roof, for example, can be made up of a variety of different parts that each play an essential role!

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