DIY Roof Inspections

8 Simple Tips for Seasonal DIY Roof Inspections (3 Bonus Points Included!)

We all know that regardless of how much we’d like them to, roofs just do not last forever. There comes a time when replacement or repair is necessary, but with that being said, there are ways to ensure you are protecting your residential roof and taking proper care of your shingles in order to extend the life of your home’s roof as long as possible. After all, your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the outdoor elements!

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10 Important Questions

10 Important Questions to Ask a Potential Roofing Contractor Before Hiring Them

The decision has been made – the time has come to replace your home’s roof, you’ve done your research and have collected a list of various roofing contractors, and now you’re seemingly left with more questions than answers.

What’s the next step? What sets these roofing companies apart from each other, and how do I make a choice that’s going to benefit both my wallet and my home’s integrity in the long run?

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FAQ Soffit and Fascia

Frequently Asked Questions About Soffit and Fascia

While soffit and fascia are key components to a safe and reliable roof, they are certainly not the most well-known!

In fact, many Canadian homeowners are unfamiliar with these terms until a problem and/or replacement is needed; often caused by water leaks, moisture damage, pests and/or rotting wood.

As these structures play a critical role in the ventilation and efficiency of your home, we highly recommend that homeowners take the time to familiarize themselves with the functions and importance of each roofing structure to ensure that their home is always well-protected.

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Prepare Your Roof For Winter

7 Ways to Prepare Your Roof for the Harsh Canadian Winter

As we conclude 2020 with the last few months of the year, many Canadian homeowners are slowly preparing their properties for the winter months ahead.

From packing up patio sets to clearing out quarantine gardens, there is certainly a lot to manage!

Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle can often cause homeowners to overlook the most important defense against the harsh Canadian winter – the quality and performance of their roof.

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Cleaning Gutters

Eavestrough Cleaning Tips

Since gutters are at the top of your house and out of sight, they’re easy to neglect. New homeowners must know the importance of keeping your gutters clean. Cleaning gutters means a well-kept and functioning home. It may easily become a task that you tend to ignore or push off, but doing so comes at a cost.

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Roofing Ventilation

Why Is Roofing Ventilation So Important?

In this article, you will learn:
1. What is Roofing Ventilation?
2. 6 Risks of Inefficient Roof Ventilation

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Maintaining a property is an ongoing commitment, and in terms of energy-efficiency – it can also be a challenge!

With a variety of important structures working together to support your home, there are a number of hidden components that don’t always receive the attention they deserve.

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Roof Inspection Tips

8 Roof Inspection Tips for Buying a New Home

In this article, you will learn:
1. The Importance of Your Roofing Structure
2. 8 Roof Inspection Tips for Buying a New Home
3. Are Professional Roof Inspections Worth It?

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Buying a new home is a major life decision, and ensuring that your property is in great condition can save you thousands of dollars in preventable repairs!

As many Canadian home buyers inspect every small detail of a home’s interior before buying, it is not uncommon for major roofing problems to pass undetected.

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Which Exterior Siding

Which Exterior Siding Material Is Best For Your Home?

In this article, you will learn:

1. How Choosing The Right Siding Materials Can Benefit Your Home
2. The Top 5 Siding Materials for Residential Properties (incl. pros & cons)
3. Which Exterior Siding Material Is Best For Your Home?

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When it comes to home improvement projects, there are few enhancements that can increase energy-efficiency, curb appeal and property value as much as new siding.

As the first defense against the elements, residential siding materials provide so much more than just aesthetic value!

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